Optimizing Operations

Our team immediately recognized job redundancies from prior management and used its operations expertise to improve payroll efficiencies which led to immediate 3.5% GOP growth and flow-through in excess of 100%. Also, Olympia took over this hotel in peak summer season. Despite being a risky time for transition, we maintained a stable, guest-friendly environment by implementing an HR plan that would retain high performing staff.

The Location & Maintaining Growth

Located adjacent to The Maine Mall of Portland, ME, Hampton Inn South Portland is consistently a top choice for corporate business travelers, regional sports team, weekend shoppers, vacationers and tour groups.

Upon acquisition in 2004, Olympia introduced revenue management practices to the hotel that achieved an average rate growth of 8.5% without sacrificing high occupancy.

Hampton Inn South Portland has retained its rank of #1 or #2 in the market even with while competing with brand new Marriott and Hilton products.

A Unique Opportunity

The Olympia Companies is devoted to pursuing opportunities in the hospitality industry. We strive to leverage the commitment, strength, and intellect of our team members to explore and develop assets as well as prospects.

In addition to our Management, Design, and Development services, we posess expertise in developing Restaurants, Property Branding, as well as Acquisitions.