The Challenge

SOPHY® Hyde Park, located in Chicago, Illinois aligned itself with Olympia and SMART Hotels' expertise in developing and managing independent, award-winning boutique hotels that evoke a strong sense of place and become an integral part of the community.

The new establishment features 98 beautiful rooms, along with a lounge and restaurant area.

Design & Construction

The name of the hotel was inspired by the rich legacy of intellectual, artistic, and cultural innovation that is part of the fabric of the University of Chicago and greater Hyde Park. Gospel music, science, mathematics, art, and literature are the inspiration that inform the hotel's interior design.

Designed to incorporate both the vibrate character of Hyde Park and the luxurious aesthetic of the hotel, the design incorporates sustainable features to a achieve a minimum of a LEED Silver certification. The selection of materials used were also chosen through the lens of environmental consciousness.

A Unique Opportunity

The Olympia Companies is devoted to pursuing opportunities in the hospitality industry. We strive to leverage the commitment, strength, and intellect of our team members to explore and develop assets as well as prospects.

In addition to our Management, Design, and Development services, we posess expertise in developing Restaurants, Property Branding, as well as Acquisitions.